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Ten benefits of the NATO strap

The NATO strap as we know it today has existed for over 60 years, and even though the roots today are the same it has evolved quite and lot and increased in popularity, not without a reason! In fact let’s go through the top 10 benefits of the NATO strap.

Colorful and stylish

Nowadays comes in a multitude of colors and patterns, virtually any color combination! Colors and patterns are a great way to express your feelings and personalize your outfit further.

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Easily interchangeable

Give a totally new look to any watch by changing its strap. Some rare watch models like Paul Cliff Easy make it even easier as no tools are required to change straps.


You can wisely spend your money on more straps to look cool in any occasion, or get a beer for you and your friends with the money you just saved!


There are less moving parts than in traditional watch straps. If made from quality ballistic nylon it won’t deteriorate like leather.


it won’t add weight to your wrist as the materials are very thin, light and soft. The typical thickness of a NATO strap is from 1.2 to 1.7 millimeters. While this doesn’t look like a big difference it will make or break your strap: 1.2mm is cheapest but fragile, 1.7mm will make it rugged but too rigid. We picked 1.5mm as the best balance in terms of sturdiness and flexibility, selecting only the highest standards in ballistic nylon.


The watch is firmly attached to the strap through 2 links vs. traditional straps which are attached to 1 link at time. If a link breaks, with a traditional strap the watch will fall. The Paul Cliff Easy collection , on top of making strap-changing an easy operation add sturdiness and security to your watch.

Virtually indestructible

If made from quality ballistic Nylon, in the course of normal wear your strap will last forever. Of course it can be cut with scissors or burnt but would you call that normal wear? :)


So won’t make you sweat in the warmer seasons, with a nylon NATO strap on your wrist you’ll forget what sweaty steel or leather watch straps are! The NATO strap will also avoid your skin being in direct contact with the back of the watch case, also avoiding any risk of allergy to metal.


In opposition to metal links which need to be hammered or screwed in order to keep them together. Depending on the conditions of the day you might want to wear your watch closer to the body or leave a bit of air to increase breathing.


With clear warm water and mild soap, what’s good for your skin is good for you NATO strap. After washing leave it dry a few hours and it’ll be as new.

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